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At Wing Express, we blend taste and emotion into delicious food dishes to have a delightful experience. For our valued customers, we offer a lunch buffet, supper, and takeout.

Wing Express Restaurant, located in Storrs, CT, is one of the best Indian restaurants in the area. Our restaurant is known for its great Indian cuisine, as well as good staff service and a lively atmosphere. Everything at Wing Express Restaurant is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients and the freshest vegetables. Flavor, pleasure, affection, and essence are all represented in each dish.

The most essential aspect of Our Wings Restaurant is our Indian species, which gives our dishes a unique flavor. From the warm pleasantness of ginger to the subtle acrimony of tamarind to the zingy uniqueness of cilantro, each Indian spice plays a distinct role in the dish it inhabits. Furthermore, it is the combination of a huge number of these components that gives an average Indian dish the flavor finger impression that we've grown to associate with a decent plate.

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A special place to have dinner with special people.

Wing Express is an Indian restaurant in Storrs. It is popular for its delightful Indian cuisine, particularly for its tandoori dishes. Each dish at Wing Express has its own story from the conventional recipes direct from India. The guests of Wing Express consistently wonder about the extraordinary and interesting tastes they offer. Visit Wing Express and add madly astounding flavors to your life.

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